Custom Movement and Network Prediction in Blueprints

Hi all,

I’ve been gone for a while and decided to come back and dabble in UE4 again.

I was just wondering if anything has changed with the state of Blueprints regarding being able to make custom movement logic in just blueprints (sprinting, climbing etc…) and somehow take advantage of network prediction offered from the CharacterMovement component. The last I knew, proper network prediction could not be achieved in Blueprints and involves expanding the current CharacterMovement component to take advantage of it. Is that still the case?

I notice the Set Movement Mode has an option for Custom? But I don’t imagine this out of the box does magic to queue and replay movement should packet loss or re-ordering occurs.

I have no issue with replicating with other methods in Blueprints but of course all those methods fall short when you introduce real world lag scenarios.

Any information you have would be great! Thanks!

Situation is still the same. C++ needed.

Maybe you find something sufficient for your project in the market place.
Smoothsync plugin is nice, has pros and cons.

Thanks @CosmicLobster

I wonder if there is a way of extending the current Character Movement Component, exposing the replication & prediction options to Blueprints and be able to do the movement logic in Blueprints still.

If anyone knows if such a thing exists that would be great.