Custom meshes for hitboxes vs. standard collision primitives

I am testing out various ideas for having a more detailed hit detection system. I’m new to UE4 and I am a little unclear on whether it is possible to implement a mesh I have authored myself as the object (as part of an animated skeletal mesh) that will be tested by whatever hit detection system I have built.

I realise that the standard primitives are used for performance reasons, but for the kind of hit system I want to make, I can see myself making a mess of overlapping boxes. If that is the only option that will allow me to use nice blueprint quality of life nodes like line traces and whatnot, perhaps that is what I must do but I wanted to try and plumb the forums for any knowledge there is about this sort of thing.

If I make the meshes very light, only use them for hit detection in my combat system (and not for physics) and write some blueprints with them in mind; is it viable/comparable in performance to standard primitives?