Custom Launcher for Enterprise

We’re looking at using UE4 for Enterprise (yes, we’ve chatted with the Enterprise team, right now I’m stuck waiting for our legal guys to sign off on NDAs). We know we can modify the engine and editor to our needs, but is the source for the Unreal Launcher available? A lot of it isn’t appropriate for an enterprise setting, but the general idea of having a launcher/updater/feed reader is still very useful. Or, if we can’t get source, is there any discussion of a Enterprise targeted launcher?

I’ve asked as well and the source is not available…but, maybe your legal guys can request it? The launcher is written in Slate which you get as part of the engine, so you theory you could create your own. But, yeah, I can see why you would want your own launcher in the Enterprise…and…schools too!


Currently, we limit access to the Launcher to certain licensees. Today, they are all game licensees. I think we have to figure out how Enterprise licensees will leverage the launcher. It is rather a high bar to gain access to our Launcher (since there is only one Launcher with no way to select between Enterprise and non-Enterprise). I would make your request through your Epic contacts, just so we can put a company name to the request. You might also be able to make a case for access depending on your situation. You can PM me for followup.