Custom Inputs no longer bound in packaged application


Wasn’t really sure which section to post this in, but this seems as good as any.

Basically, when using PIE, or standalone game preview, my custom input binds work as expected. However, if I build the project, and run the newly created executable, none of those binds work any more.

Specifically - I have an event bound to the right trigger of my gamepad. If I pull that trigger in the game, it does nothing, but as above, works fine in the editor and in any standalones launched from that editor instance.

Any clues?

Hey Crow87 -

I want to make sure that I can test this correctly for you, so I need to clarify a few things to give you an answer. Is the event binding done in code or blueprint and also is it in your base player character or in a separate blueprint/code section? If you can answer those so I can set up a project in the same way and test this problem for you. If you are running in blueprint, a screenshot of the blueprint setup would also be helpful.

Eric Ketchum

Thanks for getting back to me on this, Eric.

The project is pure BP. The inputs are actually defined in the Project Settings > Inputs menu.

When the corresponding key is pressed, an Event in the level blueprint triggers a bunch of code. Here is the BP screengrab:

And the Project Settings > Input tab:

I have the same issue. Same basic setup.

Hope to have a solution soon.

Hey Guys -

We are aware and looking into this issue.

Thank you for your patience -

Eric Ketchum

Cool stuff, hoping to work something out soon!

I was running into this as well! Inputs I added worked fine in PIE and standalone modes, but wouldn’t do anything in a packaged build.

My problem turned out to be not clicking the “Set as Default” button in the Input dialog after configuring my inputs:


This was mentioned sort of offhandedly as a Thing You Need To Do in the Third Person Blueprint game 5 - Setting Up Inputs tutorial video.

Well, at least you managed to figure it out!

I’ll give it a go on Monday when I get back into the studio. -Cheers

Yes, the “Set as Default” is required - I ran into the same issue :wink:

By the way, you can also check whether the keys are stored correctly by having a look into the “DefaultInput.ini” file. All the mappings are stored there.