Custom input methods, including Stylus, at runtime (outside of editor)?


I know this may sound totally insane, but I’d like to write a painting application with Unreal.

The painting strokes would be small textured meshes, maybe with dynamic materials… Possibly with background rendering to turn painting strokes (made of several meshes) into a texture (otherwise we could quickly run into millions of polys)

My question is : are you aware of ways to customize the input events in C++ ?

I saw that Unreal 4.23 introduced a stylus editor plugin, but its name seems to indicate that it is meant to be used in the editor only.

Do you know if I can write an additional input component that can be used at runtime, outside of the editor, without too much hacking inside Unreal itself?

This probably means I need to have some sort of access to the underlying (highly platform-specific) event loop.

Thanks a lot in advance for your opinion on this.


You can simply port the code from the stylus plugin code to your game.

I was wondering maybe if the runtime engine precluded something as low level as a custom input mechanism, but I guess I should give the whole code a long hard look before asking specific questions.

Thanks for your advice!