Custom HUD and Pawn makes the game not initiate the engine when launching/building?


I’m trying to launch/build my game, which runs great in-editor. But when I do, I get a black screen for a few miliseconds, after which i get the message “Launch complete!!”.

I think I managed to isolate the problem somewhat, because launching it with the default gamemode works fine. Running with my own HUD and Pawn class, does not. Even when there’s not any code hooked up in them, it doesn’t work (I can’t run it with only one of them either, both seem to mess it up)

The log when I launch with default things in my gamemode looks like this looks relatively fine to me.
The log when I launch with my HUD and Pawn looks like this Notice how the “Game Engine Initialized” row isn’t there. What the heck could cause that? I’m at a total loss :frowning:

Thanks for your help!

I tried running in Standalone. It’s playable. The pawns code runs fine, but the Event Receive Draw HUD in the HUD class is never called upon (or any other event, like Event Tick for that matter). The HUD isn’t drawn regardless of HUD class or Pawn class I use… super weird…

Are you loading the correct map when running standalone? You either need to specify the map on the command line, or set a default map in the Project Settings.

Yeah, the correct map is specified in the project settings

Okey, now I seem to be getting some other kind of errors… The log says Assertion Failed. I feel like I’m getting different errors all the time, and I’m getting very confused :frowning:
The log:

I should note that this does not appear to be a problem with my computer, because others on my team have the same problem.

I’m afraid it’s not easy to tell what the problem is from the log. It can’t find a lot of slate resources, which makes me think some files or folders are missing. How are you creating this standalone build?

When I say standalone, I mean
The logs are from playing using the Launch-button.
Here’s a spreadsheet to what happens with different Game Mode settings: Spreadsheet

And here’s my Pawn and HUD blueprints (exported):

It’s so weird that I get different results from playing in standalone game…

Thanks for trying to help me! :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, none of the files or folders mentioned are actually missing

I’m having the same issue. Any resolution to this?

Hi ridley075,

Please make this a post on the answerhub at so it can be tracked. Thank you!