Custom character stays in T pose when playing the scene

My character is retargeted and the animations play fine in Persona. In the ‘MyCharacter’ Blueprint I chose my retargeted character as the Skeletal Mesh, and left the ‘HeroTTP_AnimBlueprint’ under Animation Mode. But after compiling and playing my scene, my new character moves around in a T-pose. I cant figure it out why, and I’m sure it’s simple… Any thoughts?


The game type blueprint usually over rides what is used or can be used in a given environment.

The most common is a blueprint called “MyGame” or something like it.


You can make your own copy of the game type and and use the game type over ride in the world details to force the environment to use your version.

The usual mix to make it work is

A mesh
A skeletal rig.
Matching animations
A game type set for a given environment that defines the rules and glues everything together.