Custom Blueprint Script Components

When creating a Blueprint Script Component, you’re given a very limited list of options (Actor, Scene, Directional Light, Camera, and a few other options if you click Show All Classes).

I want to create a custom Shape/Sphere component that I can add Blueprint script into, but I’m at a loss about how to create it. I can create C++ components, however they don’t have an EventGraph when implemented in a Blueprint.

Is there any way to create a component based on existing Blueprint Components (Shape/Sphere in this case), and also have it be editable in Blueprint like a normal Blueprint Script Component?

Hey -

If you are trying to create a component and give that component default functionality so that it always had specific capabilities regardless of what blueprint it was added to, you can do so inside the component class itself. If you would rather setup this default behavior in blueprints then you can give the class the Blueprintable specifier in the UCLASS macro. This allows you to create a blueprint based on that class. You would then add an instance of your component blueprint to whatever other blueprint you wanted to have that functionality.