Custom blueprint how to make function appear under a submenu in editor?

So i wanted to post this small detail to help ppl who pull the hair out wanting this small detail. What do i mean?
Well if you program new custom node functions in C++ and you want to have them in submenus, as they can be many and a headache to figure out for a single submenu, you need a way to set in the macro UFUNCTION category parameter… see answer below

A simple example on how to do it:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, meta = (FriendlyName = “Get Files”), category = "Generics System IO|Gets")
static void GetFiles(FString FilesPath, TArray &ArrayOfFiles);

category = “Generics System IO|Gets” ← now in the blueprint editor when you right click you get “Generics System IO” under it there is the “Gets” category and under Gets is the GetFiles function

In other words just type | to seperate the subcategories as you wish Mainblueprintmenu|CoreFunctions|DontTouch|…


Code On!
Regards NeroViper.