Current Two Bone IK Example

Does anyone have a current blueprint example using two bone ik to control a character’s hand location? All the documentation and examples I have found so far seem to be outdated. Thanks.

I did this for correction of aim offset: … not sure what you are trying to do. But it’s all similar I guess.

I am attempting to move the hand of a character’s poseable mesh with the mouse. I was working in the character blueprint. I thought that somehow I could use the ‘MakeAnimMode_TwoBoneIK’ element, but I can find nowhere where there is enough of a description to do so. Perhaps I need to use the ‘TwoBoneIK’ element in the animation graph if I can somehow access variables in the character blueprint. ???

I understand the effector location, but what is the ‘joint target location’? It is some kind of offset? Where to I specify that I want the hand to move to the effector location?

The joint target could be used as pole like you would use IK_ellbow_L or IK_knee_R (in your 3D-program). If you punch something via IK then your ellbow could hang down to the ground or turned upwards even if your hand hits the target already.

You have to put a Two bone IK node in the Anim Graph of the Anim Blueprint. You could get the effector location afterwards via cast to some blueprint. For example trygetpawnowner->cast_to_your_character_bp_name->some_location_variable_of_your_character_bp. Or if you just would do some correction of the aimoffset without any cast just via moving those “target-Icons” that would be shown in the preview of the anim-blueprint if you click on the Two Hand IK node.