Current State of UMG in 4.7.2


I’m currently doing menus and I’m uncertain if I should spend time trying to make them 3D (for VR support) or instead just make them in 2D for now and later port them once UMG is more functional with stereoscopic rendering. I’ve been reading information on the answer hub and the forum about this subject, and it’s not very encouraging.

The thing is, I really don’t want to re-create basic functionalities such as custom mouse cursor, drag and drop operations, nested widget detection, etc with some temporary hacks. Keeping in mind that this stuff will probably be supported out of the box in a couple of months by UMG.

Could someone please tell me if in their opinion UMG is currently in a usable state for VR or if I should wait until it’s more stable / hassle-free. I’m hoping that everything is good to go and that I can jump in, but quite uncertain at the moment.


I’m curious of the same thing, I was hoping that 4.7 would show UMG integration for VR a little love, but it didn’t seem to get much of a mention.

Trying to get UMG for Oculus here, and definitely not working at all, if anyone knows any hack, is more than welcome.