"Current Ball" wont link to "Ball to Hold" and "Ball to Drop" (UE Live Training Stream)

Hello every one, first time user of UE here. I’m trying to recreate the example made on [this live stream][1]. I understand they are using an older version of the engine, I have come to a few parts where i had to search the current way of doing things but I’m having problems finding the solution to this one. When I drag “Current Ball” onto Pickup Ball functions “Ball to Hold” or Drop Ball’s “Ball to Drop” I get a “Actor Object Reference is not compatible with Ball BP Object Reference” error.

I have verified with checking my created inputs in both the red custom event nodes (Pickup Ball and Drop Ball) with theirs in the video and every thing seems to match but I still get the error.

I hope it was easy to understand my problem, I’m still new to this. I attached a few images to show what my setup looks like.



That was totally it, how did I know it was going to be a one setting thing.

Never thought to check the Get Current Ball for settings.

Thanks so much

It sounds like your having a issue with your variable type. Try selecting your current ball variable and checking its variable type in the details panel. If im reading your problem correctly your current ball is set to the type actor instead of the type ball_bp. The input type shown in your second picture for ball to hold is of the type Ball_BP so anything you plug into that input must be of the same type.

To explain it more abstractly imagine trying to put a square peg into a square hole easy right. What your trying to do is put a peg into a square hole (peg shape not defined). so your peg could be round or square or star shaped. bottom line it wont fit right.