Curious if I can open a UDK project in UNREAL 4?

I love the way that UNREAL 4 looks and runs, but I have a project that I’ve been working on for a couple of months in UDK.
So before I start paying a sub fee for UNREAL 4, I wanted to know if I can port over all my work from UDK.
If not, I’ll finish my project in UDK and upgrade to UNREAL 4 later on.

You can just port meshes + textures over to the UE4 (just export them). All the other stuff has to be recreated in the UE4 → materials, particles,…

What about BSP creations, or the .UDK level file?

No, you can’t. You’d have to recreate them.

Just convert them to a static mesh and export it

That wasn’t the answer I was hoping for lol.
Thanks for the info guys.

Happy Creating!:wink: