Curious about UE4 ability and how easy it is.

I am looking to make a small rpg game, like skyrim but the map will be smaller and contents as well. I was hoping to try to make a “sifi” military boot camp with choices. Of course I’m a newbie to this but I’m just rather curious if I could use blueprints to create the game and modify the code a bit. For the military part, no problem since I’m in ROTC and already know the structure and etc.

AND I’m not going to make super fancy graphic. Something more of mass effect 1 graphic looking and maybe a bit more duller than that. Could that help with the production since I don’t have to pay attention to so much details.

There might be a certain feature that is difficult for you to figure out, but a lot of the developments and improvements are about making it easier to make a game–like Blueprints, they allow you to do scripting without knowing anything about code.

It should be possible to create everything with blueprints -> but of course you need a little bit of knowledge in this area. Therefore take a look at the official tutorials from epic games: :slight_smile:

Regarding to the map, you can also use the world composition tool (depending on how large the map will be):

“How easy” is pretty subjective. I’d peruse some of these videos and see if this looks like something you can take on:

IMO, it’s the easiest and made to be user friendly -but everybody’s different.