Curious about possible methods for animating a Magazine for a gun

I know of only one way to do what I want, So I figured I would ask to see if there’s anyone out there that knows of anything different, easier, or other possibilities.

First of all, this is all in VR. So what I’m trying to do must be very fluid, and not have a lot of “snapping to” or loss of player control.

I’m trying to hit a button to release a magazine for a gun. I’d like it to slide out of the handle and enable physics. This way the player can pick it back up, throw it, reload it, etc.

The only way I know how to do this would be actually go back into my modeling program, pull the magazine out of the model, reimport it to UE4, and create a blueprint for the magazine. I would then attach the magazine blueprint to my gun in a socket location. .

Would there be an easier way to do this? Like with a physics asset or something? I’m really not sure of any other way, and I’d certainly like to learn of anything easier. I’m going to have to back track quite a bit to turn my magazine into it’s own blueprint. Plus I already have my animations for the gun done. . :frowning: lol.

This is how the gun is set up atm.