Cull distance volume not culling some meshes

I just noticed cull distance volume wont cull some of my meshes. They are static meshes… and i set the cull size to 1000 and it culls large trees and entire buildings, but wont cull certain small or mid size modular props. I tried setting the cull size to 5 as well and that doesnt cull either. Any idea why? Do you need to rebuild the map in order to make cull distnace work proper? I am very confused here.

I mean even the sky will cull on me even though i set the size to 400 with a distance of 6000… yet some furniture wont…Or will, but the size in comparison to where it should be culling isnt happening… ill have big buildings cull before some of these smaller props. etc etc… So again… do i need to do a build every time i want to adjust the cull distance?

i just fixed this issue by switching my meshes to Static from Mobile