Cud the multiplayer of crysis2 be replicated with an unreal mod?

Hi everybody. I’m a passionate gamer of crysis2, I played unreal time ago :).
Crytek announced with a shy post the closure of crysis wars an crysis2 multiplayer.

I organized a petition Petition · Save Crysis2 multiplayer! Keep it open! · wich isn’t going well, a big part of the community doesn’t even know about the closing.

As Crytek doesn’t seem to care, I think we need another way to keep playing.

My question to your community is:
**Would it be possible to emulate the crysis2 maps and gamefeeling with a mod of unreal? **

I ask because it might be a solution for the Crysis2 community. About the copiright, im not a lawyer, but if they don’t provide anymore the multiplayer as a service, IDK if they can ask something for an emulation of it.

Actually my first idea was to search for a softwarehouse to create and publish a game with only the multiplayer, inspired by crysis1 and 2 (possibly identical to it’s original). Of course with future developements such as new maps, a working anticheat (achilles heel of crysis2), and a small fee, like 5$. The goal of the small fee is 1st to make it published on steam and origin, to spread it, and of course to pay the work behind.

You’re out of luck, Crytek/EA wouldn’t allow that which would mean you wouldn’t be able to replicate any content from the game. It also wouldn’t be worth the time and effort to do. The Crysis games aren’t really all that unique as an FPS so it wouldn’t be something worth investing in.

EA is well known to close down their servers for games after a few years, since they have a little care about the community, but I guess it makes sense if not a lot of people play that specific game a lot anymore.

thanks for your reply. I don’t think how much they have the right to say something if themselves don’t provide the service anymore.
Can you say me a similar fps? The most around are war simulations