Cubemap gets resized when imported

Hey all,

I have a cubemap that I am using for a space sky sphere, I have created the cube map following the instructions set out in the docs, everything goes fine and the texture maps to the mesh correctly however, the texture is modified by the importer which changes the scaling which leads to a blurred texture I guess because the pixels are re sampled and stretched.

What should I be doing here to avoid the blurring? I’ve tried with textures of varying sizes so 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024 (6 images of each for each axis) but its always the same blurry image after importing as the image looks fine in Photoshop.

Would appreciate any suggestions,



Looks like this ( thread has the answer which is pretty much what I expected, all images are down sampled to 512 which causes the blur.

UE4 seems to be geared towards procedural skies.