CSV with sctructure

It looks like a bug
I create a Structure to load DataTable. Inside of it i add another structure, created in BP as well, as a column.
Then I import CSV and the data inside was None.
I change than struct (that used as column) with C++ struct and reimport CSV again.
And it works, I got data from CSV to my DataTable.

Hi Zikoko,

Would you be able to provide examples or screenshots of your structs and CSV files to clarify how you are setting this up? When I tried to do this, I kept getting warning messages when importing the CSV file.

This is Struct I made in C++,
You can create the same in BP


This is the struct of my data table,
Struct from C++ is second from the bottom

And this is CSV file in txt format,
Dont forget to rename it to CSV back.
[link text][3]

Hi Zikoko,

Thank you for the additional information. I was able to reproduce the issue, and have entered UE-42586 to have this investigated further.