Cryengine 3.7

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I was personally doing paid work for UE4, Unity3D and CE communities for some time. Most of the projects I was involved with moved to UE4 so I stopped using CE since 3.6.14 too. Speaking of 3.7 and the great merge, it reminds me of 3.5.3 which was a huge bug at the time, lots of new cool things but mostly and now up to 3.6.17 they are “still” just fixing it along with doing absolutely zero upgrades/improvements. Do 5 fixes, call it an improvement and roll out an engine update, [Loop]. Not sure if that works for some people. Most of my portfolio is created using CE but here I am on UE4 forums along with a lot of “CryDevers”, who were forced to leave. What do you think about 3.7 ? do you think this main branch is going to do any changes to the whole false direction and bring back the awesomeness?

I wonder what could happen if success of CRYENGINE wasn’t the top priority, though, I might just not be seeing it? :confused:

Also a couple jokes if you want fun before the bed:

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I’ll stay here with UE4. The support is so awesome, the updates are substantial and regularly paced, and the community is huge.
With CE I always felt that Crytek was only really interested in big developers and just barely tolerated the rest of us. and they never seemed to release all the tools we needed to make a finished product. It was always evident that Crytek gave some people access to better tools than others.
Also, the idea of no offline mode for the editor just never seemed to sit well with me. So what happens if you want to work on your laptop out on the road somewhere, what if you loose internet access for some reason? I guess people that live in rural areas without good internet access dont deserve to use such an Uber product anyhow. What if Crytek were to go belly up one day, would everyone needing to use the editor just be screwed?

oh well I could rant all night. I’m real happy with UE4 and its improving so rapidly that before long there wont be anything Cryengine still does better (or just easier). UE4 seems like the way forward to me.

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Who knows maybe I gave 3.7 a try for the sake of having something to complain about. :smiley: But even if they put all the love for community and indies now, it’s just too late to start adding the tools people were asking for like a year ago, and when added, spend a year improving and bug fixing them. Also titles under development are doomed to use their current version of EaaS to the finish? simply because of the migrating to 3.7 would do more harm to the game than help (like it happened when people were migrating their projects from earlier FreeSDK versions to the all new 3.5.3, and again from there to EaaS.

1 ) Cryteck forum is abandonned
2) tutorials are lacking
3) the engine is designed for FPS games mainly
4) the engine is hard to program
5) Cryteck is not working with the the community like Epic
6) Updates takes too long.
Why staying with Cryteck ?

Yap and Yap. You nailed it.

Also, the graphics look nasty; they are muddy and unclear!! I never liked CE3 outside of Crysis games.

But Cryengine still is number 2…

After Cry there are no other good engines with such a Kit. Unity has nothing to offer against Cry, its just nothing compared to.

Cry is designed for FPS: Unreal too. But, they recreate it in a way so that everything is possible in the way, cry never did this.

As a shader programmer i can say: This is what he said.

Cryengine Shaders are very complex and heavy, no rubbish and no “simplicity”. They made it for very good Visuals and not only for games. I never saw such nice programmed shaders in years.

I always praised CE and whatever it has. NEVER looked at the empty half of the glass. But even then the empty half grew bigger and bigger.
For example, yes those shaders are so nice, but it doesn’t suit everyone’s needs. It’s not too much to ask for a shader editor for years.
The reason my teacher at uni dropped CE too was that as he said CE is just a place to bring in and assemble whatever you have done outside of it, without any control to modify them later on unless you again do it outside the engine. That’s quite right. It’s 2015 and its nuts to go through Photoshop and CryTiff exporter all the time because you want to small tiny change to your texture like decrease the saturation from 100 to 99. It’s a time killing machine.