Crushed Velvet and Silk materials, node for Falloff curves?

Hi Everyone!

I am an architectural visualization artist diving deeper into UE4. The documentation is great and so far most of the practices I use when creating V-Ray materials carry over nicely to UE4.

I have a few materials in a scene that I am working on still giving me some trouble and hope that a real time material expert out there can help me understand.

Is there any node or way to create a falloff curve similar to the one that exists in 3dsMax? For simple a falloff the Fresnel utility with a Lerp node works great, but in the case of more complex materials a curve would be very helpful.

How do you go about getting materials like velvet to appear fuzzy? In Max / v-ray I have always achieved this using a very small scale cellular map in the bump slot. I attempted to recreate this by rendering out the procedural map from max and creating a normal map with NDO2 but the result just doesn’t have the “fuzzy” look I am going for.

Thanks in advance for the help!