Crosshairs in 3rd person game

What I need is a shooter which doesn’t have a moving camera which is controllable by both a mouse and a controller (Right joystick/mouse = same function = moving the crosshair) and then obtainable (its x,y location) and usable (project to world) to throw grenades, shoot projectiles, click/activate things, ect.

I tried using a simple image widget which either = mouse cursor position or simply moved based on the joystick position. Joystick works, mouse position doesn’t. And I still don’t know if I can get the world position of the widget (I’m certain that I can get the 2D position as I’m SETTING it. So I can expose the variable no matter what).

I also don’t want to use any hacky “use the controller to move the mouse” for multiple reasons (people with multiple monitors wanting to be productive while someone else plays the game, multiplayer splitscreen, ect.)

With mouse cursor showing: Screen capture - 8ce0481457c7bac84845fef50f72880e - Gyazo

With mouse cursor not set to showing in Controller it does the same thing just without the cursor showing and the obvious ability to click outside of the window. In this case there’s an invisible border which the white rectangle can never leave (shown exactly as seen in the above link)

What I need is a 2D cursor which freely travels on the screen. This is easily done with a controller (as I’ve proven already with this setup) but the mouse just refuses to work. There’s just a weird offset. “Get mouse position” and “Get mouse position with DPI” both return the same results. More or less doing exactly what I did for the controller but instead plugging in the mouse X vs Mouse previous X value (to then move the widget) does nothing.

Edit: A shortcut method could be achieved by simply getting the mouse cursor to STAY locked inside of the window and just use that instead of the widget thing and simply change the cursor as I’ve already done. Reasonable? And if so, how would I lock it?

Edit 2: Found it. Very annoying.

Can confirm that this is a problem for me -;- But I suppose fullscreen will solve it. Unreal Engine is so good but so bad at the same time. Pretty much beta software imo. All of the big pieces are present but everything’s broken af. That’s not completely fair but I’m running into issues like this near constantly. It’s better than Unity in more than enough ways for me to know that UE4 is the right choice… but why does the Engine have to be this unintuitive and broken? Maybe that’s normal for a 3D Engine?