Cross Platform Multiplayer [Android to PC]

Hello UE4 Forums!

We are currently creating a game called Eclipse, and are looking into creating cross platform multiplayer gameplay where Android gamers can connect with PC Gamers.

We already have networking on PC working (Client-Server), so the main question is, is it possible to have a server running on PC, and have the androids tablets connect as clients?

We currently have two Nvidia Shield Tablets with the Tegra K1 chips on order, and hope to connect them with PCs through blueprints when they arrive, do any additional steps need to be taken in order to get this to work?

Thanks UE Community!

~Mega Penguin

I am also rather interested to know whether this can be done, and what exactly id need to do to make it work but i don’t want to purchase a tablet just to test out my idea.

I want to open this conversation again. May be anybody know how to finde server on PC from client on android device? Is it possible by blueprints?