Cross platform content loading.


I am currently looking into Unreal Engine cross-platform asset loading pipeline. Specifically how does engine load Meta Data], Shaders], Textures], Geometry] and Blueprints] on PC, Console and Mobile, and where does the platform dependent code start.

For me it is really interesting how the state of the art engine accomplishes that for so many platforms in so unified and clean way, and how I can either contribute to it or modify it.

What I am interested in is actual point from which all content is tracked, loaded into UE and how it manages the content in real time.

After digging a bit in the UE source I found FAsyncLoadingThread]. As far as I understand this FRunable] thread manages the loading of [Packages], their progress and status.
Is my assumption that the FAsyncLoadingThread] is the core of all asset loading correct?

If not could you please point to the Class or Module that manages the loading of all engine and game content.

I would be really grateful for any input or advice on the topic.

Thank you in advance.