Cropping in point cloud to allow merging of components


I’m trying to merge two components - the top of a tile and the bottom of the same tile. The two components were photographed in the same workflow, the tile was just turned over and photography proceeded. The tile rested on a pure white table top to limit its intrusion into the model.

In the two image aligned components the surface (table) that the tile was lying on exists in both the aligned models, I think this is stopping the two components merging successfully.

Obviously the side of the tile exist the images both top side and bottom side, so the top photographs should be able to be aligned to the bottom ones.

I want to treat the surface as an artefact (‘surface artefact’) and remove it.

Ultimately I want a model of the tile that floats in free space (doesn’t rest on the table) so that the top surface and bottom surface can be observed in one model.

I understand the use of the ‘set reconstruction region’, function which I can use to eliminate the surface artefact from the aligned model when it transfers to the reconstructed model…


I understand that merging components happens in aligned stage _before _reconstruction, so that elimination of the surface artefact can’t happen using ‘set reconstruction region’.

So how do I “crop” the model of the surface artefact at aligned image stage so I can ‘glue’ the top of my model to the bottom using component merging?


many thanks



My post above is exactly what this user was asking as far as i understand:

Can anyone expand on the use of Control points as i am struggling to implement the help instructions? is there a step by step tutorial?