Credit Hud Counter Credits Collecting how do we do it in blueprints?


I got it working to add to the credit score to pick up a credit in my map. BUT.

  1. I want to get the value from an random array instead to set the credit value.

  2. I would like the text to display at a certain location on the hud. Not just display the number of credits collected at the far left
    corner with the print string command.

Does anyone know how to do this in blueprints?

  1. You’re going to have to set that text to a variable instead of printing it. Then use UMG to display that text variable on the screen.

I need to see this in blueprint screenshot to understand the UMG script you are talking about. Are you talking about binding the
credits variable to the Hud?, I need to see the function with the array for picking out the random value so I can see how to set it up.
But once I get that little bit working. I need to get it working also so I can pick up the crowbar in the garage and once it picks
that up and puts it in the inventory, then it will open the sewer gate so you can head down into the sewers…

Setting up game variable flags in unreal is a little tricky because I’m not used to doing it in Unreal Engine with using blueprints.

But unfortunately I couldn’t do a simple fade in with the camera because Matinee editor is not even working properly on my system, I set the fade to 1 at 0.00 and at 0 at 1 second so it fades in the screen, but The orange keyframes are stuck on the graph and when I click to define the second keyframe, it just disappears on me… I am using Unreal 4.12… Also I can’t use the particle emitter editor because all it does soon as I try to change one of the values is just crash unreal editor so I can’t define particle emitters.