Creatng a smooth rifle equip animation out of anim starter pack

Hello Together,

I try to create a smooth weapon equip animation from the anim starter pack and the base animation. The model is a human character with two sockets, one on his back and one in his hand. The Rifle is at his back.

There are 3 animations involved.

  • idle (from base animations)
  • Equip_Rifle_Standing
  • Idle_Rifle_Hip

Equip_Rifle_Standing is a loop and my first impression was, that for equiping the weapon I only need half of the animation (first half is for unequip and the second half for equiping the rifle) so I made a copy and deleted the first half. Next I thought I need a smooth transition between idle and my half equip_rifle_standing so I used a blend space to do so but 1) I feel a blend space is more in cases where you are in need of “in between” animations and 2) it didn’t work out, the animation isn’t smooth at all, the arm goes back and forth becasue of point 1 - the in between state.

Any suggestions how to get a smooth animation with this three starter pack animations (as an example)?

Best regards,