Creative Objects and Verse Interaction

I’m trying to create a device that connects to a cube that I have created to act as a trigger. I want the object that overlaps with the cube to be fired through an event to my device. I enabled Generate Overlap Events & switched the collision presets to Trigger. I also have this for my device so far.

using { / }
using { / }
using { / }
using { / }

# A Verse-authored creative device that can be placed in a level
trigger_device := class(creative_device):

        # myTag was created following the Tags documentation
        Zones: []creative_object_interface = GetCreativeObjectsWithTag(myTag{})
        for (Zone: Zones):
            # Prints 2 times, one for each zone.

How can I find the events for Overlap that it generates?

I may be wrong, but i dont think this overlap event from collision is currently accessible through verse, you should try using the Trigger Device instead of a cube, maybe

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Don’t think UE collision querys are accessible but prop_mover_device does have collision query events

    # Used to move around a building or prop, and customize responses to various collision event types.
    prop_mover_device<public> := class<concrete><final>(creative_device_base):
# Signaled when the prop hits an `agent`.
        # Sends the `agent` hit by the prop.
        AgentHitEvent<public>:listenable(agent) = external {}

        # Signaled when the prop hits a creature, animal, or NPC.
        AIHitEvent<public>:listenable(tuple()) = external {}

        # Signaled when the prop hits another prop.
        PropHitEvent<public>:listenable(tuple()) = external {}
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