Creation of caves in the editor

Hello everyone, I would like to know how I could make a cave with tunnel networks without using external modeling programs only with tools of the own editor, I am wanting to make some private remasters of some games just for learning the engine.

Olá a todos, gostaria de saber como eu poderia fazer uma caverna com redes de tuneis sem usar programas de modelagem externos apenas com ferramentas do próprio editor, estou querendo fazer aguns remasters privdos de alguns jogos apenas para o aprendizado da engine.


Unfortunately this is not possible with the current terrain system. You are able to make holes in the landscape but you would need to create your cave meshes in another program. Search the forums for Luos Free Cave sample - awesome cave meshes from his Marketplace pack.

Thanks man, the battle will now be to find out how to bodelar and texturize in Maya as if it were in the unreal editor

Check out these free cave meshes from Luos -!

Then you can make holes in the terrain in editor and use these meshes for your caves.