Creating wireframe meshes

The game I’m working on contains a “building” aspect in which the player is able to build certain objects (boats, bridges, ladders) at specific locations. I have the meshes created for the buildables, but I also want to include a “wireframe”-like version of them to display in game so that the player knows where/what they can build. An example of this would be in the original Super Mario World game where the special blocks are transparent until you unlock them.

I have all of my meshes as .fbx/obj and I’m using Blender as my main modeling program. Any suggestions on where I should start?


You could enable “wireframe” in the material - place the mesh at the location where the player can build something - “destroy” it after the player has build it. Another way that in my opinion will look pretty good is to create a white transparent material. (something like in “The Forest”") :slight_smile: