Creating Utility Scripts for Automating Repetitive Actions

Hi all,

I’m new to C++ and I’m wanting to create a utility script to call a specific function

This function:


The function is available through drop down menus for creating a “Texture Cube” from a “Texture Target Cube”.

I’d like to be able to call it at runtime at given time intervals to automate batching out cubemaps.
I have capture locations set up around my level, and it’s agrevating to have to use the menus to
generate the cubemaps so it looks like I’ll need to learn a little UE4 C++ to figure this out.

This seems like a simple beginner script for me to try to write, but I’m hoping
that someone can get me started on the right path.

In general if anyone has any tips for how best to create C++ utility scripts it’d be great to get any pointers.

Thanks for any help