Creating trees using STF

Back in the old days IE more than 7 years ago I use to work alot with speedtree.
The engine we used was old but and you could not place trees by hand but you could using the speed tree forest files (STF).
You just dropped the STF (stf_files [SpeedTree Documentation]) files and parsed it and it would place a tree on every spot you had one in your file.
Now in unreal I can hand place tree to the most awesome way you can image but can your cannot do this by parsing a file.

Now my question is: Is this something that can be created IE programmed? So you can drop in the file and parse it and have your trees.

For me this would be very important as I do not want to hand draw all the trees and forests.
It would literately be hundreds of thousands of trees.


I am not sure about the parsing stuff (probably someone who knows will jump in) but have you taken a look at the Procedural Foliage Tool, it can spawn entire forests for you so you don’t have to place all your trees one at a time.

hope that helps:)

Yeh procedural foliage tool should do the trick.

Tnx for your reply! I tried the Procedural Foliage tool and it’s very cool but I could not see a way to make the forest shapes like I want them to do. Only to fill a box and then clip it away with other boxes but not an organic shape. Also it seemed to need a Terrain to spawn them on and I do not use a terrain. Could be that I am doing it all wrong. And that it is indeed possible.