Creating trajectory with a highlight trail.

Hi, I’m aiming to create a missile like actor that follows a trajectory as a set speed. before the missile is launched I want to show the trajectory that it will follow with some of of line or strip of material.

here are the details I need to follow and ideas I have of how I might accomplish this goal, This is the first time I’ve attempted this so if you think one of the ides will not work, have a better idea of how to do this or have a link to refrence material / tutorial that might help me out, please let me know.


firstly(Top left image) I’m trying to create a system where by the missile will launch a greater distance the longer you hold down the mouse button or right trigger on controller (I might also try and adjust the speed at which the distance is increased in accordance to how much the trigger is pressed on a controller)

Also (Bottom Left image) I want the missile to travel at a constant speed and reach its target at a set time no mater what the distance, to do this the trajectory angle should be adjusted up or down.

On the right of the image you can see my ideas of how to approach this. My first idea is to attach a spline to a spring arm. adjust the spring arm to adjust the distance travelled and then adjust the spline so that the start point is always at the start of the spring arm the end point is always at the end of the spring arm and the peek of the spline corresponds to half the total length of the spring arm plus a height equation and curve adjustment equation. (I’m not yet sure what the Height and curve equitation should be) then draw something a long the spline to create the trajectory highlight. upon button the final position of the spline would be set, the high light would disappear and, a missile actor would follow the path of the spline at a constant speed. this seams like it might work but there may be a problem getting the spline to carry on past the end point of the spring arm to the ground. or beyond if there is a hole in the ground.

My second idea would be to use a line trace to mimic the spring arm in the first spline image. then draw a line trace up at certain increments to create trajectory points to follow. I only have a vague idea of how to use line traces (and splines for that matter) so I’m not sure how to attempt this method. It may be possible to draw the line trace in an arch which could work as well.

any ideas or assistance is welcome