Creating TextRenderActors on top of mesh

Working on an interior build for my studio and I am running into a issue with TextRenderActor in engine. In 3ds MAX I could toggle on AutoGrid and create/snap text geometry flush to the mesh surface of another object in my scene as well as type full sentences on top of one another. In Unreal it appears I have to hand place and rotate any text I create in order to make it flush with the surface that I want it on as well as break up my text sections into various actors to create what I need. I have also run into instances where my text glows as if it has an emissive shader on it when it just has the in-engine shader for text in unreal. Is there a way to populate text actors on top of the surface of another actor? Is there a way to make in-engine text not appear emissive? Appreciate your assistance in advance.