Creating templates for Animation Blueprints

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to use AnimBP as templates that I can then reference in different characters. I’ve tried using a combination of both a “Child” of my AnimBP, Asset Overrides and Sub-anim instances to make it work, but it’s not giving me the flexibility I need to be able to debug the graphs with programmers. I would need to be able to debug the reference AnimBP, but I also need to be able to add States for characters that need specific attack combos or powers that are not in my Master AnimBP.

Basically, each State Machine that I have in the different “levels” of the whole AnimBp would have to be templates or references in order to make debugging easier and to save time. I’ve added pictures of the different levels, if there’s a way to have both “levels” of state machine as templates and then, I could basically change the sequences in it using the Asset Override of the “Child”, that would be awesome! (3rd pic, the red, is just blocking out compromising names. NDA stuff :P)