Creating simple geometry from Blueprint

Is it possible to create a mesh from within blueprint? I don’t want to use static meshes. I wish to create “a cube this big, then a cube this big… then a cube this big, with negative space”. I want to do it with a blueprint. Can it be ?

Yes it is possible although I suggest not doing it yet, as ‘custommeshcomponent’ is still very early. It can be using “custommeshcomponent”. You can place each vert, each poly etc. We have some examplecontent that creates random terrains using this method but it is not ready to show yet. It is probably a few months out because there are so many incomplete things with custommeshcomponent. I am excited for when this feature is more flushed out because I have messed with things like custom erosion iteration simulations etc and it is very fun!

The mesh it builds doesn’t have valid normals so all the faces will look randomly lit. It also currently will be dynamically rendered only, there is no way to ‘save’ the built mesh so it is very slow. But you can do it :slight_smile:

You could do a kind of hybrid approach where you create a plane staticmesh that is 1 unit by 1 unit in max, then you could make a blueprint to place several instances of that mesh for each wall and scales them to make rooms of your desired size etc. It wouldn’t be efficient but you could do it :slight_smile:

Been excited for the ‘custommeshcomponent’ since beta; been hypothesizing some voxel-based stuff for one of my side projects good to hear that its starting to come to fruition.

Hi there RyanB,

Once you get custommeshcomponent going I’ll port my spherical LOD stuff into UE4 :slight_smile: