Creating ReverbEffects?

So I noticed UE4 doesn’t come with any standard reverbs like UDK did, and Epic doesn’t write much about it in the official documentation. But I did notice you can import ReverbEffects in the form of .t3d-files. So I guess the idea here is that you must be able to create your own reverbs and convert them to .t3d somehow, but I can’t find any documentation on it. If anyone here could point me in the right direction that would be sweet!

Instead of limiting you to a small number of predefined reverb settings, in UE4 we allow you to define your own through the content browser.

If you go to the content browser, select new, sounds, reverb effect you will see the available settings and be able to define your own.

In case someone else comes searching - there are some presets that come with the engine.

If you enable “show engine content” (in the content browser “view options” button), select the Engine Content folder, and then filter by Sounds > Reverb Effect , you should find a whole heap of them.

This was quite helpful, thank you @Spoondog