Creating new blend space destroyed my game's movement

I created a new blend space for testing purposes, added a few animations, and set it to be a new blend space in my animbp in idle/run

I started the game, movement didn’t work so I just put the old blend space back onto it’s place. I started the game again, but the movement didn’t work again. I was like: “What?”, “Why is that?”
I deleted the new blend space, and it didn’t work again. I deleted the save and intermediate folders, and it didn’t work again! What it that!!!???
After that I copy-pasted-renamed the anim blueprint and the blendspace, didn’t work again. I compared everything to my old backup project and everything was the same, I DIDN’T mess up anything
Is adding a new blendspace somehow sits in the engine’s memory and then it’s impossible to delete it from there?

Also, for an age, I can’t change a print string value.

I set the value to be “POINTS”, compile, save, play the game in the editor. Everything is ok. Then I close the editor, and the value changes to “POinTS” just because once I accidentaly wrote like that and saved but it was like a week ago.
So, is there some kind of registry problem or something?