Creating Large Scenes With High Poly Items Without Killing My Pc

Hello all,

So I’ve hit a bit of a stumbling block in using UE4, and since i’m only really a beginner I thought i’d ask here for advice

I’ve been asked to look at ways of getting 100+ relatively large poly items into a scene, that can be explored in real time. Now currently i’m importing these models into the engine itself, and applying levels of detail to the items so that when they are far away they are barely costing any resources. This works up to a point of having 20 in the scene at most, but higher than this and things start to break down. I’m unsure if their are any ways in the engine i’m being completely ignorant of by accident that would help me out with this?

Has anyone ever had to look at something like this before and got it working? If so I’d appreciate any help you can offer :smiley:

What are the objects like? Is it something you could retopologize to reduce the poly count without losing the important detail? What are your PC specs?

The questions Darth asked are important. But I have a further one:

Are you talking about LOD or HLOD. Because HLOD will help break your level down in to smaller, more manageable, chunks and that might help also.

Here’s a stream about HLOD: YouTube