Creating Inventory System, Planning and ideas

Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out the Efficient way of doing Item / Inventory system.
So far i’ve experimented with two and puzzled now by the possibilites that i have and how should i proceed.
Regarding just items, if I have base blueprint item that has few things in them (collision box, static mesh to show what it is, variable to actual item that will be spawned for character) and from there i create child blueprints from it.
Now Should I actually split this so that i have items categorized into master blueprint by their main function, like weapon/armor/usable items/throwable etc. So i would then have A pickup blueprint and corresponding actual item blueprint.
Or should I have that i have just Item base blueprint and then i create child blueprints that are categorized into weapon/armor etc. like before and then from those would have the actual items.

Then there is the other thing of actually making the inventory, for just usable item or collectibles, i’d make a component that has the logic on handling those items so i could then attach that logic also into chests and whatever might needed. but regarding on weapons its much simpler and could be done in the character blueprint level and just do array there that would hold the weapons. So on this i’m thinking if i do separate inventory logic for collectible items and weapons am i shooting myself on the leg in long rung trying to manage both inventory systems.

Structs are also something i’m bit confused currently, can it have multiple classes aswell? like if i have Weaponblueprint, Armor blueprint and so forth different base classes, can it work with multiple classes. or should i have struct for each category?