Creating cuphinges/eurohinges for kitchen cabinets using physics constraints?

I’m working on a project where i have created a kitchen.
In the demo i’m making the user should be able to open the doors of the kitchen cabinets. using physics handlers that let them grab doors in VR.

Though when setting up the initial physics constrained doors i discovered with a regular 1 point hinge you get a lot of clipping issues that prevent the doors from opening fully (unless you trim the collision boxes and allow for clipping on certain areas of the door)
After researching this issue i found out that kitchen cabinet doors have a special hinge that allows them to rotate open without bumping into their neighboring cabinet doors/fridges/walls. The so called Cup hinge or Euro hinge.

And although i don’t need to model/display the meshes of these types of hinges, i would love to have the same physical behavior in my demo.
So i can have the doors with collision meshes that match the dimensions of the door mesh.

Is there a good way to create this so it works with the physics system and doesnt glitch out.

On top of this, is there a way to set the physics constrain forces so that it prefers either one of two positions, with a spring force either pushing it fully closed or fully opened depending on whether its past the 50% mark


I’m a beginner and i will do that:

  • A box trigger with overlap event
  • A timeLine with a float track and 2 key (time 0/value 0 - time 0/value 90)
  • A vector curve where you define the X and Y values corresponding to the door displacement, make your own curve!


It’s a fast exemple of what can look like the beginning of the blueprint.
Add Actor end overlap to the reverse node of the BP.
The traget of the SetActorLocationandRotation will be the door mesh (not sure if you have to use SetRelativeLocationAndRotation Node).

Ask me if you need more details!

I was talking about a physics based hinge, i know how to do a simple animation on a door that’s not the issue.
What i’m looking for is a way to use the “Physics Constraint” node to get a rotation around two axis at the same time.

You need multiple constraints and bodies. One constraint per movement in the assembly. I see at least two hinges, and one or two linear constraints (depending on how fancy the movement is.)
This CAN be done, but it probably won’t be worth the effort. It’s much easier to animate the door opening and moving as it would, and then drive that animation between 0 (closed) and 1 (opened) as appropriate.
Of course, if you need to support a fully interactive kitchen that reacts realistically to gunfire, yeah, you need to build that assembly of multiple constraints and bodies.