Creating copies of PossesingPawns BP

I’m fairly new to blueprints and was able to follow the tutorial by unreal fairly easily. I got the entering/exiting BP working with my standard character but I need a way to create multiple working copies of the BP so I don’t have to do the process all over again. Logically I thought I could create a copy of the BP, change the name and follow the same structure and change the static mesh in components but I could never get it fully working.

(based on 2nd half)

The only difference is the “Wheeledvehicle variable called Car”, instead I have a “Character variable called Car” which works but possibly one of the reasons making a copy doesn’t work fully. The furthest I have gotten is making a copy, changing the staticmesh in components, getting into the mesh but not able to get out with the error "Accessed none Player from node construction script in blueprint “proptest2” aka the copy which is reference of the Sedan BP in the tutorial. Any help is appreciated I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours!

Giving this a bump! I’m still stuck