Creating Class Texutre

Hey guys,

i made an object with some different parts in it. it was baked onto a big cylinder cause the form was like this too. But i got a little problem now. there are areas on the cylinder (from the highpoly) which got different material purpose. some parts need to be glass others cloth. I baked a color map from my highpoly to define the different parts to mask them out in photoshop. i looked at a standart glass material in UE4 and tryed to create one as normal texture in photoshop that i can apply to the masked part. but the results are pretty bad.

how can i create a glass texture that gives me the same result like the glass material that exists? Please Mention that i only have one object so iam not able to take a multi sub oder second material because i need the glass only on defined parts. I hope you understand what iam looking for and help me.

Thanks guys!