Creating an online visual experience with Live Video Stream

Hello everyone !

I am a musician (singer-composer-producer) and with the current situation I have been working on a project for which I would be happy to get some advice on :

I am trying to create a sort of livestream concert where I could use live video stream from a camera (me singing in front of a green screen for chromakeying and integration). Here are the few questions I have :

  • I have looked at some of the online resources (UE doc, forums) and from what I gathered (correct me if I’m wrong), it would be possible to stream from a YouTube Live link. Would you recommend creating the game using the “Stream Media Source” Asset ? (I would then assign it to a mesh).

  • I was also thinking of the possibility of streaming to YouTube 360. I can’t wrap my head around the way this could be done exacty : I guess I would have to render a stereoscopic video which can be captured by StreamLabs, but how can I render a stereoscopic video ? Using multiple cameras ? I would love the viewers to be able to look around while the show is playing.

  • Instead of using YouTube 360, is it possible to create an online game where users can watch the show and only look around (I don’t want them to walk around, I want the camera path to be locked) ? Would you say it would be a better option than trying to stream a stereoscopic video from my computer ?

Ideally I would like to end up with offering a VR live music experience.

If anyone wants to help or collaborate, it would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks :slight_smile: