Creating a snowy/foggy overcast surrounding

I’ve been attempting to create a cliff scene recently and I’m stuck with a few issues. I’m having a hard time nailing the right snowy overcast type sky. The cliff edge scene I am making is similar to the scene from The Grey where they attempt to cross the cliff via makeshift rope. That scene is filled with white snowish fog all around which limits visibility at a distance and it never gives you a clear view of the sky, which is exactly what I’d like. The cave exit from Unreal’s EffectsCave demo is similar but I tried to copy their post process volume exactly but mine comes out nowhere near the same. Anyone have any ideas or examples that could help me out? I’d greatly appreciate it.


How exactly does it look like in your scene after you have imported the stuff from the cave demo? -> also make sure to migrate the particles, because they are a main part of the scene :slight_smile:

When you are searching for something “cloudy” you could also take a look at the particles from the landscape demo

I’ve messed with the particles and such a bit, but I feel i need to nail the sky and fog before I add the particles. I also have basically everything from a few different demos migrated into my scene I’m currently working with, so everything is at my disposal. I wish I could just migrate the post process volume they use in the CaveEffects demo. Maybe I’ll check out the landscape demo and see how that one is done.