Creating a shared camera for multiplayer games ISSUE!

Hi I have followed the tutorial on Creating a shared camera for multiplayer games, trying to create the camera similar to the way WWE’s or Def jam fight for Ny’s camera would be and still can’t seem to get it all working. The camera and camera arm is all in the right position and the blueprint is the same of the tutorial, although the camera still isn’t following the distance between X and Y (X and Y would represent the characters in the seen), Also when I press play, the camera isn’t in the original position of where I placed it but instead is underneath the ground.!

In this pic the camera is zoomed into the wrong position (underneath the ground) after pressing PLAY.
[alt text][2]

This pic shows the Camera blueprint and that the player controls need to know to use the camera, and also get the camera to find the characters in the level.

This pic shows the camera blue print and basically works out the distance between the characters and when to zoom in or out depending on if the characters have moved closer or further away from each other.