Creating a rotateable 3d cube with a pawn inside...


Sorry to make a post - I’m a beginner to Unreal (though I’m not completely lost, I’ve used node editors before in maya, and know basic programming ((just not C++, hence Blueprints)). But I want to make something sort of unorthodox, or at least something I haven’t seen in tutorials and I can’t quite figure out. If anyone would be kind enough to help, or to send maybe several tutorials that show something similar to what I want to do, that’d be great.

I want to make a 3d cube with a pawn, controlled by the player, inside. I want the right stick/mouse to rotate the cube itself, and the pawn to be controlled by the left/wasd. I don’t want the pawn to be able to leave the room (so collision I guess?). I want a timer counting down, and at the end, I want to somehow save the coordinates of the pawn inside the cube itself (x,y,z, 0-1,0-1,0-1). Then I want to check that variable, and depending on the outcome, display a dialog.
Is this even doable in blueprints?