Creating a room with interactive "double option"

Hi all,
I’ve just created this scene in UE, a small art exhibition space:

I would like to create a second “option B” inside the same room, adding a couch and some chairs, deleting the hanging red pictures and keeping the same lightning.

The idea is to switch to the option B directly from the option A (maybe putting a button inside the room?).
Technically, how can I do that?
Do I have to create a new sub-level inside the first scene?

In that case, can I create a new separate file for the option B and then add it to the option A as a sub-level?

Any ideas?

I think you could use blueprints to hide or show objects.

Hi @DANDERSON , thanks for the suggestion!

My only concern is that putting everything inside the same project, might make it really huge, don’t you think?

Another idea is to create two separate files…so I can launch an option from one file and vice versa. Is it possible to make it in UE?