Creating a mesh who carries things

Hey guys, how’s going?

Thinking in a side-scrolling or a third person view, how the fastest/best way to make a character model/mesh carrying things like weapons, axes, swords, torchs, etc? I mean, there are two models in my project: character and a torch. So, how can I place the torch in his hand? And in the future if I want to switch a torch for a sword, how can I make something recursive? Something reusable?

Thanks in advance.

You would need a animation sequence so it looks like he is placing that object in his hand. Along with this you would need a actor with your blueprint to say that you have picked up this item, now run my animation.

Hey Meathead, thank you for your answer!

So, is through the Blueprint that I’ll “teach” my mesh (hand) that there’s something to carry?

Yes that is correct, you can look at some of the example scenes and there is a area where it has pickup blueprints and that should help you with that. Look at one of them and add your animation into the blueprint also.