Creating A Menu With Animation (Overlay Panel - Individual Images)

I’m in the process of creating a Menu made up of individual image elements that will showcase some basic animations.(Buttons fly in, moving border shines or reflections, animated BG, etc) I plan on animating things like the border shine animation using the timeline. However, since the idea is to import individual images to achieve the shines. I wanted to confirm if my idea of layering is a good approach to use with UMG. Currently, I have everything stacked up as shown below. What I’ve gather from the UMG docs is that the Overlay panel allow elements to be stacked on top of one/each other visually. Since I will be using individual images to achieve animation, is the diagram below a good way of going about this?

| |____OverlayPanel:
| |____Image: Border shine.
| |____Border:
| |____Text Block: Menu Title.
| |_Image: Menu Title BG.
|___Button1: Text Block.
|___Button2: Text Block.
|___Button3: Text Block.